To whom it may concern.

Advanced Marine Ltd.

Hobsonville Marina. 

In January 2014 we accepted a quote, from Clay Murray, to have our 34 foot Townson yacht spray-painted in the company’s shed at the marina. The work included the topsides, decks, cockpit and cabin top. 

“Responder” is back afloat and to say that we are delighted, with the workmanship and the end result, is an understatement.

 In all respects Clay and his team went the extra mile in ensuring sound preparation and beautiful, deep and glossy paint and varnish finishes.

 We believe Clay to be honest and fair in his business dealings and we enjoyed working alone side him and his team at various stages of the project.

 As Clay has a good working relationship with the boat builders in the adjacent shed, we were able to get repair work underway at relatively short notice. 

We were kept in regular communication as to progress on the boat, which we really appreciated. Whilst the job took a little longer than originally expected, the thoroughness and quality of the work was more important to us than speed. There were no cost overruns over and above the quoted price. 

Based on our experience, we would therefore thoroughly recommend  Advanced Marine to fellow boaties requiring a ” job well done”.

7 September 2013 

Clay Murray & Advanced Marine Spraypainting 

A boat yard Haul-out Manager as well as a highly respected Paint Manufacturer’s Representative both recommended Clay Murray to me.

 Clay personally salvaged a complete re-paint project that had “gone bad”. I have since recommended Clay and his team to two other boat owners (a yacht and a launch). Like me, both have been impressed with the quality of Clay and his team’s work, and both have come back to thank me for referring them to him.

 I only wish there were more individuals like Clay Murray in other segments of the NZ marine industry.

William Rehm
S/V Blue Sovereign
Buizen 48

Dear Clay, 

A brief note to congratulate you and your team on having completed a superb job on Shalimar. We are getting heaps of  people commenting on the finish and high gloss you were able to achieve on the hull. 

I must say that one of the advantages you have that I appreciated and which was different from our last repaint, was that the boat was inside the shed in a totally controlled environment.  

I personally appreciated the ‘no fuss’ and no ‘unexpected pricing’ surprises and the way that you and your team went out of your way to complete the job and to accommodate extra items that inevitably come up with such a project. A good example was the scoop and all of the fiddly mast and boom fittings.

 Clay, a sincere ‘thank you’  to you and your staff for your efforts and for producing such an outstanding job for us. Please do not hesitate to pass on my contact details to any potential client. I will be very happy to share with them our very positive experience with Advanced Marine!

 Best regards,

I refer to the recent refit S/Y KAORI completed in Auckland and specifically to your company’s involvement in it.

We had numerous challenges (as is typical of any large refit!) and your company did an EXCELLENT JOB!  Not only were you called in on very short notice to address some rather serious paint concerns, but the short two day list rapidly grew to a six week very extensive paint program.  Your team was always on time and well within budget – and a pleasure to work with to boot.  Real value for money in our books!

Thank you again for doing a great job for the KAORI team and we look forward to working with you again in the future.  I would recommend your services to others without any reservation.  Please feel free to have others contact me if they need to discuss your expertise or commitment to excellence.